The pretzel-making box that brings a fun, healthy, and delicious experience right to your doorstep

Image that shows the prezel night box on top of an apron with a rolling pin next to it and a brush

A ridiculously overthought pretzel-making experience

We've taken the simple act of making pretzels and amplified it with an obsessive attention to detail, creating an activity that's fun on your own or as an at-home date night.

A photo showing someone rolling out dough

A meticulously curated experience

A playlist that matches timing and lyrics to each step in the process? Check. Directions personalized to your relationship with your co-pretzel maker? Check. A custom basting brush made just for your pretzel-basting pleasure? Check.

Picture showing a wheat farm

The best pretzel-making ingredients money can buy

Countless trial & error and head-to-head matchups revealed that the best at-home pretzel-making flour is in rural Massachusetts and the best pretzel salt is in Boise.

An image of three things in the box for pretzel night

What's in the kit

Adventurous instructions

Instructions you need to make pretzels and have fun while doing it

Stone-milled bread flour

From an independent flour mill in Western Massachusetts

Pretzel salt

We tested pretzel salts head-to-head, this is the best there is


Classic tried-and-true baker's yeast

Baking soda

Give your pretzels the bath of a lifetime

Basting brush

Every kitchen deserves a good basting brush; here’s yours

Ready. Set. TWIST.

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